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by Michael Saly 21 Jun 2023

When it comes to making the decision to buy CBD it can be a tough task. There are plenty of cowboy CBD brands on the market who sell everything but CBD and just want your money. Trying to spot the CBD cowboys from actually legit CBD companies can tough so here our 7 top tips for buying CBD to ensure you get the best quality products. 

Tip 1: Buy from a Reputable Brand

If you have never heard of the brand and they look doggy chance are they probably are. Always buy from reputable brands. A good indication of a brand is the people who use it and the ambassadors they work with. Our brand ambassadors include the likes of Brian Keane who is well know and respected for his honest opinions and has a good reputation.

Tip 2: Check trusted review sites such as Google reviews

If you are still unsure about a brand, a good place to start is google reviews. Looking at real customer reviews and feedback will give you a good indication of what the company is like and if their products are as good as they say it is. If the company has 100+ positive reviews, it’s a good sign.

Tip 3: If it’s too good to be true it usually is

The old saying of “If it’s’ too good to be true it usually is” goes a long way when it comes to CBD products. If you find a company offering CBD products at super low prices, chances are they are cutting corners and what they are offering isn’t what it says on the label. The best example of this is CBD sold on Amazon where you can pick up a 5000mg bottle of CBD for less than €30. Although this sounds great what you are buying is likely Hemp seed oil which has ZERO CBD in it as a 5000mg bottle of CBD would cost more than €30 to make.

Tips 4: Lab Tested

If a CBD company is above board it will get all of its products third party lab tested. What Third Party Lab Testing means is that all of its products are sent to an independent Laboratory to be tested to ensure their quality and the level of CBD on the label is as advertised. All of our products are third party lab tested to ensure consistent quality.

Tip 5: Member of Hemp/Retail Organisations

If the company is a member of any Hemp or Trade Organisation it is always a good sign. Hemp Heros is a member of the European Industrial Hemp Authority (EIHA) which is one of the leading Hemp organisations in Europe and ensures quality. We are also part of Retail Excellence Ireland which helps promote Retail excellence.   

Tip 6: Buy Organic

If you are buying CBD ensure it is made from 100% organic Hemp. This ensure the product is as clean and natural as possible. Nobody wants to consume a product full of nasty chemical and preservatives. All our products are made from 100% organic hemp from EU approved farms.

Tip 7: The packing is clear to read

Ensure the packing is easy to read with the percentage % and/or milligram of CBD on it. Reading the packaging of a product shouldn’t be a maths tests and if it is they usually have something to hide.

To learn more about CBD or any of our products go to our website at , or . You can also contact us by email at

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