CBD for Pets Original

Hemp Heros CDB For Pets

Hemp Heros are massive animal lover’s and this love for our furry friends was one of the key reasons why Hemp Heros was established. The following story is a personal story by our Co founder John Phillips and is a matter of person opinion and does not imply that CBD is a medical product

“He couldn’t go up or down the stairs he struggled to get on the couch and was putting less and less weight on his back leg”.
After months of research and speaking with the leading experts in the Hemp Industry, Hemp Heros was born and we developed our own unique formula specially designed for pets. At Hemp Heros we then went even one step further to ensure your pets only get the finest product on the market and combined our CBD with 100% pure Salmon Oil. We guarantee your pets will love the taste and get all the added benefits the pure Salmon Oil provides. Our CBD for pets can be used by both Cats and Dogs and is beneficial for all ages. John still continues to use the oil every day on Alfie in the morning and what a difference it has made. To purchase any of our CBD for Pets click the link below.

“So If anyone is out there struggling with the same sort of issues that Alfie’s has then trust me this oil is well worth a try as it has absolutely worked wonders with my boy”